Friday, August 27, 2010

Easton Kash Gifford

Welcome Easton Kash Gifford, 8lbs 15 oz 21" long. Big boy and glad that everything went OK. Brittany is great now and so is Easton. He had a bit of blood sugar problems but guess it is ok now. They are home now and adjusting to 3 kids now. Welcome little guy. More pictures to come soon. Can't wait to meet you in October.

Utah Trip #2

More pictures. What do you expect from a Grandma.......Enjoy

Brooklyn and Chandler enjoy the tramp. Dad was outside mowing and the kids were having fun on the tramp.

They love their garden. Everybody helps.

Cookies. When I told the kids I was coming Brooklyn wanted to make cookies like last time. They are doing a mighty fine job. Best part is EATING the cookies.

Brooklyn was doing such a great job. Trying to figure out what color sugar she wants on her cookie.

Chandler loved pouring as much sugar as he could before Dee would see and stop him. Sugar everywhere. Oh well wouldn't be any fun if there wasn't sugar all over would it?

I was able to go see my Mom and Dad in St. George. Before we came to Utah, Dad had a memory loss on Saturday so Leslie and Vicki went to St. George to be with Mom and Dad and take him to the Dr. Les came home on Monday and picked me up on Wednesday and then we made the trip down to see them and Vicki also stayed. It was so much fun reminiscing about old times. Glad Dad is doing better now. He had to have a pacemaker put in, and looks like he had a mini stroke too.

Mom, Dad and Dee

We had the Moore's, Gifford's over to Lacey's house on Sunday and had a BBQ on their new grill. It was a lot of fun. Blake starting wrestling with the kids and they loved it. Even Gramma Dee got involved.

Shad, JJ, Spencer

Guilma, Lacey, Brittany, Chandler

JJ, Spencer, Guilma. Can't believe how big the boys are.

Well guess that is enough of the pictures. Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I have. It was fun to see everyone. I saw David and Kona Dee at Ferta-lawn, Craig and Cynthia and I went to lunch at my favorite place in Bountiful. Mom, Dad, Vicki and Leslie at St. George, Blake and Guilma at Lacey's house. Good times for me as I enjoyed everyone's company. Have to do it again someday. And of course my kids and grandkids. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Utah Trip

These are some pictures that I took while I was in Utah to see my kids, grandkiddos, siblings and Mom and Dad Moore. Lyman was at the BSA National Jamboree in Virginia for 3 weeks for the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts. We drove my car up to Utah so I had transportation. I had a really great time with everyone so hope you all enjoy the pictures too.

I got to tend Brooklyn and Chandler while I stayed at Shad and Brittany's place. We did a lot of fun things and they loved riding their bikes. Good at it too, both of them.
Chandler riding his bike. He is so funny going down the drive way. He gets on his bike but his tummy is on the seat and he drags his feet to get at the bottom then off he goes down the sidewalk as fast as he can.

Family picture of Shad, Brittany, Easton (tummy) Chandler and Brooklyn. Great picture isn't it.

Family picture of Tyler, Lacey and Cameron. Cameron has gotten 2 bottom teeth so far. Now he has 2 top ones, one more bottom one and can even crawl. He is learning many things right now. His hair just cracks me up. Funny boy.

We went swimming with the gang. Didn't get pictures of Shad's family and Lacey sent this to me for Cameron's first swim party. He wasn't to sure of it.
Tried to get Chandler into the water and all he would say was "I'm going to die". Poor thing, but I got him in and he had a great time. They all went down the water slide and had a lot of fun.