Sunday, April 25, 2010

Routine life

We have not done anything very exciting this year. Winter has been cold and wet for West Texas. We have needed moisture as this area has been in a 12+ year drought. This storm brought us 6" of snow, very unusual for this part of the world. This town has no snow plows so when you get a little the whole town shuts down.

Lyman is working on his Master's Degree so he is very busy with that effort. Dee is working on new quilts, she is making Blue Jean quilts, baby blankets, and normal quilting projects she does.

We are getting ready for some travels this year. Lyman is teaching for National Camp School in Fairbanks, AK in May. He also has his annual meeting which will be in Dallas in May. BSA is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year so lots of activities around this celebration including their National Jamboree. Lyman will be attending and I am spending time with grandkids. Love those grandkids! We will also be attending part of General Conference in October enroute to another conference for Lyman in Las Vegas. During two of these trips Dee will spend time with her parents in their home in St. George, Utah. We have not been to their new home they moved into nearly ten years ago so it is probably time to do so.

We did enjoy a short trip to Florida this spring. Lyman had a conference in Orlando to attend. We took a few days and went to the Florida Keys. That was very interesting, it was in the beginning of spring break. Lyman also went scuba diving one day. Dee has not learned this skill yet.