Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 2010

Well, here it is almost the end of January. Can't believe it is the start of the New Year and even 1 month into it.
After we spent time in Utah for Thanksgiving we were able to come home and rest. Especially after Dee's surgery the first part of November. We were able to have a christmas open house Dec 5th so not much of a rest, but invited some friends from work and church over and had a fun time with good friends and food to eat. The main attraction was our smoked salmon that we brought home from Alaska from our cruise. It was loved by all.
We then waited until Christmas Eve when Lacey, Tyler and Cameron came here to Texas, ManDee and Scott already live here and had them all for Christmas. Of course we had dad's homemade omeletts and muffins that we all enjoyed for breakfast on Christmas morning. We had a good time sharing Christmas together and had some good times. But time went fast and had to send them back home after 10 days.Tyler and ManDee caught a cold and that wasn't fun being sick. We enjoyed their company and especially being able to play with baby Cameron. We did miss Shad, Brittany, Brooklyn and Chandler though.
We now have been back at work and school for Lyman. Weather here in Texas has been pretty cold much of the month. We are excited to have the warm weather once again. Back to the YMCA and eating healthy once again. Excited to see what this year brings. We already know we are going to be grandparents again. Shad and Brittany are expecting their 3rd in Aug.
We hope this year also brings much happiness to all our family and friends this year and hope you all have a Happy New Year.