Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Lacey and Tyler this year. Shad, Brittany, Brooklyn and Chandler were able to join us too. We did miss ManDee and Scott not being able to be with us. Lacey cooked her very first Turkey and she did a great job. We all enjoyed it very much. We also got to go to the lighting of Temple Square which we have never been there on that day. We enjoyed ourselves and had a good time with the family. Here are some pictures that you might enjoy...

Beautiful pictures aren't they. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We love this time of season, but most of all to remember what this season is all about. With all the hustle and bustle we all need to remember that Christ is the reason for this season. We also need to remember those who are less fortunate. Know that we love you all and are proud of all our children and grandchildren. You all make life worth living. Love to you and your familes.

Cameron's blessing

November 29, 2009 Lacey and Tyler chose this day to get Cameron blessed. Tyler did a great job on the blessing. Cameron was awake the whole time and just looked around during the blessing. It was like he was listening to daddy. It was a special day and we were glad to be a part of it. We were there, Shad and family, Del and Debbie (upstairs), Brian and fiance' (Tyler's friend) and many friends and family there in spirit. It was definately a special day. And doesn't he look great in his blessing outfit? This is Lacey and Tyler's new family picture too. Lyman took this picture and isn't it a great one.

Annual Gingerbread Houses

ManDee's House

Scott's House

Dee's House

Lyman's House

Chandler's house with Papa
Tyler and Lacey's house

Brittany's House

Brooklyn's House
Still waiting on Shad for his house as he chose to go to the BYU/UTAH game. What's up with that. We all had fun anyway. We love to do this each year as they get better year by year. This has been a family tradition for many years. We have got Brittany, Tyler and Scott to join us and they have all been good sports. We love this tradition and hope to continue every year. Now that they grandkids are up and coming they love to make their own and it was fun watching them. Grandpa would put the frosting on the house for Chandler and then Chandler would pick the candy that he wanted on his house. He loved it. Brooklyn did her house all by her self. Didn't she do a great job!! Of course the best thing about the houses is you get to eat it after....YUM!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Cameron Selby Voris was born on Oct 5, 2009. I was able to come to Utah and help Lacey and Tyler for about 3 weeks. That was especially nice of Lyman to let me go that long and I also got to see Shad's family too. Hated to leave everyone behind when I had to leave but I sure enjoyed myself and am looking forward to Thanksgiving and I will bring Lyman with me.
Mom and Cameron

Cameron. He doesn't look like he just entered this world, does he?

Taking Cameron to the Dr for his 2 week appointment.

Uncle Shad with Cameron and Lacey at the hospital. Grandma Dee made the hat. Cute isn't he!!

Cameron made his way into this world. Here I come, ready or not!!

Proud parents at home. Lacey and Tyler love this little guy and who wouldn't. He is a calm baby. Hope he stays that way. Welcome Little one!!

While I was there Chandler and Brooklyn helped me make a cake for their daddy. It was his birthday. We lit the candles and before we knew it Chandler blew them out. So we got to try again and sure enough he did it again. This kid loves to blow out candles. It was funny, but we did get to at least sing Happy Birthday to Shad and Grandpa using Skype. Then, yes you guessed it, Chandler blew out the candles.

It was a good day to go to the zoo.This is Brooklyn and Brittany on the carousel. It was fun

Here is Shad and Chander also on the carousel. Chandler was having a great time.

I'm not very good at taking pictures. But I at least got the whole family in. Where is Grandpa when we need him.
This was one of Brittany's favorite things at the zoo. The giraffe's. We went on a Saturday and found out it was halloween day too. The kids got to do some trick or treating. To bad we didn't know so they could have dressed up.
Here is the end result of our cookie making day. It was fun for us all.

Grandma Dee got to tend Brooklyn and Chandler so we made Halloween cookies to eat!!!!

Chandler had a good time putting the candy on the cookies. Most of all he got to eat one!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30th Anniversary Cruise to Alaska

When we got on the boat there was a dozen red roses and 2 plates of chocolate dipped strawberries for us to enjoy. Happy Anniversary to us both.
Well here we go. We had to have a practice drill on what to do in case of an emergency. Life jackets are the best.
We are on the boat on ready to sail. Alaska here we come.

Yes Virginia there is a Santa and he lives in Alaska!!!

They had the prettiest sunsets in Alaska.

The whales were awesome. We saw about 30 of them and that is the most that they had seen that day. We could watch them all day as they were so cool to watch.

We saw steller sea lions basking in the cool weather. They were having fun swimming together and playing with each other.

One of Lyman's favorite things to do is photograph flowers. Look at the bees on the flowers. This is a type of sunflower.

Lyman and I got to make our own glass ornaments. This is great as we collect ornaments on the places we have visited for our Christmas Tree.

This was in Tracy Arm. We got to see glaciers and they were the prettiest blue that I have ever seen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30th Wedding Anniversary

Lyman and I will celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary on August 16, 2009. We got married in the Salt Lake Temple where many family and friends shared the day with us. We can't believe that it has been 30 years already. We are fortunate to make it this far, because you just don't see marriages last this long anymore. Thank goodness we have the church in our lives to help us make it for "Time and All Eternity." We have something to look forward to and we work pretty hard at this marriage so we can be together with each other and our family forever. We are going to go cruising to Alaska in September and looking forward to the vacation. Just want to let Lyman know that I love him and appreciate everything that he has done for me and the family. I love you so much and I'm looking forward to spending another 30+ years with you in my life. Love ya.........Dee

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lyman's New Hobby--SCUBA DIVING

Lyman diving with the turtles

The real dive at Balmorhea State Park. It feels like I'm in space. This has got to be the best.

They gave Lyman a coin to say "YOU PASSED!!!

This is Lyman with his full gear on in the BTSR Pool. "This is going to be great, I can tell"

This is the group learning how it's done. Can't wait until the BIG DIVE!!

Lyman had so much fun. Now he says, "Well guess where ever we go we need to let me go scuba diving. He loves this and wants to keep it up. Guess we will see where it takes us.