Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30th Anniversary Cruise to Alaska

When we got on the boat there was a dozen red roses and 2 plates of chocolate dipped strawberries for us to enjoy. Happy Anniversary to us both.
Well here we go. We had to have a practice drill on what to do in case of an emergency. Life jackets are the best.
We are on the boat on ready to sail. Alaska here we come.

Yes Virginia there is a Santa and he lives in Alaska!!!

They had the prettiest sunsets in Alaska.

The whales were awesome. We saw about 30 of them and that is the most that they had seen that day. We could watch them all day as they were so cool to watch.

We saw steller sea lions basking in the cool weather. They were having fun swimming together and playing with each other.

One of Lyman's favorite things to do is photograph flowers. Look at the bees on the flowers. This is a type of sunflower.

Lyman and I got to make our own glass ornaments. This is great as we collect ornaments on the places we have visited for our Christmas Tree.

This was in Tracy Arm. We got to see glaciers and they were the prettiest blue that I have ever seen.