Saturday, May 22, 2010

Denali National Park, Alaska

Mountain range in Denali National Park

The grizzly bear came bouncing down the hill on the right side, then crossed the street and down the hill he went. Had to be fast in getting his picture because he went fast.

We were hoping that we would see wildlife and sure enough here are to 2 moose walking down the highway. Awesome, they came right behind us so we sat in the car for a few minutes and they came to eat at the bush behind us.

Got a picture of Lyman as he always gets mine. I had the camera this time!! HA

We saw these swans swimming and trying to catch their food for the day.

We saw about 4 herds of caribou. Some were eating and some were bedded down.

If you look real close you can see about 7 dahl sheep up on the mountain. Amazing how they can climb those rocks.
Alaska is beautiful country. We were glad that we were able to take this drive. We think we were able to see the tip of Mt. McKinley too. We were told sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can't. Guess it is like Mt. Rainer in Washington.

Fairbanks Alaska

We got to see Santa's reindeer. Don't know which one this is, but seems to be pretty content.

Of course we had to go to North Pole City. This is Santa's house with all of his goodies in there. We didn't get to see Santa as he was on Spring Break. To bad.

This is Dee in Santa's Sleigh. Boy that was fun.

This is Lyman underneath the Santa sign. Pretty big sign so everyone can see where Santa's house is. Even the light poles were candy canes. Pretty cool. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa!!

Here are the trees that had a recent snow storm come through. The one we landed in. YUK!! Going into their camp.
This is the Alaska pipeline. I think it runs 180 miles through Alaska.

This is the Alaska range of mountains still covered in snow. It was awesome to see all the mountain ranges there.