Monday, April 25, 2011

BTSR Fires

The picture on the left is Lyman ready to go up with the firefighters to assess the damage at camp. It pays to be the CEO...lucky guy

We have been fighting fires at the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch (BTSR) for the past 2 weeks. Here are some pictures that Lyman has taken.
As of today Monday April 25th the fires are still in camp. They were able to get out all of the livestock and moved to a place in Balmorhea. But as of today they will be moving them back to camp because the fire is going back to the city. Just can't get a break. Water line in the back country is down. Hopefully it will be able to get rebuilt before camp opens up in 5 weeks. We need all to pray for rain. Hopefully we can also get some donations for feed and hay for the animals.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's SPRING Time!!

Yea! It is finally Spring time here in West Texas. Love all the trees that have come out in bloom. We had such a cold winter that we are ready for the HOT weather. I know, I know, we will want the cold as soon as it gets over 100 degrees this summer, but right now we welcome the warmer weather. On March 15th 2011 ManDee and Scott signed papers as new home owners. They have been living with us since last July and now are excited to move into their own place. After the people moved out and they were ready to move in they decided it needed more work than they orginally saw. So for the next week they were busily cleaning, painting and fixing things so that they could move in. They are finally in now with still much to do, but at least they are in now and I think they love it (better than renting and cheaper too). It does look really nice with the new paint. So that now makes all of the kids in their own homes. We are so proud of them all and for all that they have accomplished. Shad has gotten new job responsibilities with his work and just loves it. He has put his marketing resources from his Masters program into play and really enjoys his job now. Brittany has been able to back off of work, but still works a couple days a week. The kids are growing up so fast we can hardly believe it. Brooklyn loves school, she turns 7 this year, Chandler is starting T-ball,he turned 4 and Easton is 7 months old now and growing up so fast. Can't wait to see their home to see their finished fence in their side yard for the kids to stay in the back yard. Lacey is enjoying her job. Just wish she could get the hours she needs for work, but doing OK. Hard to leave Cameron, but gives daddy time at nights. Tyler is busily working and going to school too. Cameron is 18 months old now and is quite the little man. The have gotten into a nice home and they are now going to put in the other side of the fence and then their yard will be complete. Lyman is busy at work as usual. He has a break from his Masters program also. He has had a hard time knowing what to do with himself as he is not as busy at night. He will start back up the end of the month and then is done in October. Quite an accomplishment for him as it has been a life long goal of his to get his Masters Degree. I'm so proud of him and his accomplishments. Busy guy he is. As for Dee, I'm busy with all kinds of projects for me and others. Finally got money (from Lyman) for my birthday to make us a quilt for our king size bed (which we don't have yet). I have always wanted to make a quilt for our bed and now I have the fabric. Just need the time. We have been working on family history for Lyman's side of the family. So much work to do, but fun to see the families come together. Well this is it for now. We sure enjoyed the conference talks this past conference. Always enjoy reading them when the Ensign comes out. I always pick one or two of the talks and work hard to make them a part of my life. We enjoy what the gospel has done in our lives and are excited to see the growth of each of our children and spouses and now grandchildren.