Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Almost Spring

Haven't written for a while so I thought I would update the blog. We are so glad that it is almost spring here in West Texas. We had quite a cold blast here and we even hit an all time record. We got as low as -10 with the windchill and that is unusual for this area. It was so cold that it froze our pipes. Even when the plumber said that the new tubing would stand up to the cold to -31. (Has now renigged on that comment). Anyway needless to say it was scary to not have any water at all. Thank goodness we had water bottles that we could use for the time being. It sure makes you stop and think what kind of heat and water backup you have in case of a real emergency that lasts longer than just a few days. Other areas had their electricity go out, but we were lucky ours did not.
This makes us think, "Do we have enough food storage, water, blankets, gas for the generator, some kind of heating, etc. Guess we had better get on this so we won't be out in the cold next time.
For the last 7 months now we have had a lot of things in the house go out. Lets see, dishwasher needed to be serviced, a/c went out, then of course the heater needed to be replaced to make the upgrade of the a/c, water softener went out, we had a water leak in the house from the pipes in the slab under the house, (this plumbing all had to be replaced and they put the pipes in the attic) the water heater went out, (couldn't get a hold of the plumber so Scott and his dad replaced it for us) washer and dryer went out, and now we are waiting to hear about when the shocks on our car need to be replaced (OK enough already). Needless to say we are tired of so many things breaking down. It sure has been a test of our FAITH. We remember the scripture that says "after the trials of your faith the blessings will come." We have been blessed and thank our Heavenly Father for the trials that are sent our way so we can become stronger. Faith builds character ane will leave it at that.

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